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Bronwyn Pierson


Bronwyn Pierson has lived on both the west and east sides of Cleveland, allowing for both personal & professional insight and market knowledge to aid the relocating or uncertain client.

From first time home buyers to empty nesters, Bronwyn guides her buyers and sellers through the entire process - and believes that partnering with the right agent for you, can completely enhance the experience and ensure success.

A background in the corporate temporary housing industry provided a strong foundation on how to properly support and anticipate the needs of a client in the moving process – whether it is across town or across the county.

Personal Journey

BronwynPierson-Personal Journey 1.jpg
Personal Journey 2.jpg

I love living in Northeast Ohio!

I was born a Buckeye but moved away as a toddler and came back to the state as a college student at Heidelberg University. Couldn’t wait to leave and start my life at graduation – only to choose to transfer back to the Cleveland area from Chicago a few years later – and Ohio has been our home state ever since.

Our first house was a cute colonial located in Fairview Park. When my realtor drove us through the neighborhood on our way to the showing, I remember thinking, “I need to live here.” The charming brick homes, the curved street, neighbors out walking – it resembled the movie I had in my head of what I hoped for in our first home. So, we bought for the neighborhood and not the house, and we had no regrets!

Favorite things about NE Ohio.jpg

Some of my favorite things about Northeast Ohio:

  • The passion of the Cleveland fans. Any sporting event is a blast, but I especially love Browns games.

  • University Circle. Gardens, museums, great food, music, culture. You can find anything you are looking for in University Circle.

  • Stan Hywet. What an amazing piece of living history that offers a reason to visit during every season of the year.

  • Cuyahoga National Park. Fifty-one square miles of parkland and 125 miles of hiking trails – all located just a few minutes from home. What is not to love!

  • Cleveland Pride. No other city has residents that are consistently wearing CLE clothing, expounding their local pride and hyping up everything from their hometown.

  • Great food. From downtown Cleveland to the smallest suburbs, they are great places to eat everywhere you go. Some of my recent discoveries: L’Albatros in Cleveland and GiGi’s on Fairmont in Cleveland Heights. You can’t go wrong with the restaurants downtown Hudson. I have eaten at them all and can highly recommend!

Hudson Journey

BronwynPierson-Hudson Journey.jpg

My parents had moved from Chicago to be closer to the grandchildren and had chosen Hudson as their new home. We followed them from Fairview Park a few years later, and it was a great decision for our family.

I love having a downtown with restaurants, parks and shopping. We have so many memories of ice cream socials on the green, Labor Day weekends walking around the Taste of Hudson and walks at Hudson Springs Park. My kids have both commented how lucky they feel to have grown up here.

From my office on Main Street, I can easily walk down the street to pick up a scone and hot tea, a birthday present for a friend, or a few groceries for dinner – without having to get into my car.

Words of Widsom

BronwynPierson-Words of Wisdom.jpg
  1. Consider the process of buying or selling a home as a part time job – dedicating the time will allow for success. Be prepared to duck out of work at lunchtime to see a brand-new listing. Don’t turn away showings because it might be inconvenient.

  2. Last minute showings always put me in a panic when our house was on the market. I would grab several empty laundry baskets and throw all the clothes, toys, books, whatever was “not in its place” and take the baskets with me in the car. Best way to tidy a home in 5 minutes!

  3. Have a fresh smelling lemon candle and bleach cleaner ready to go. Both provide a positive first impression – and many buyers are immediately turned off by food prep, pet or other odors that may not be evident to the home owner. Everyone loves the scent of a clean home!

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