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Julie Kodatsky

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Julie Kodatsky has bought, sold and built homes in her own life, and can empathize 

with the concerns of our clients to provide meaningful consultation.


For over 18 years, Julie has been actively involved in the Hudson community, serving in various capacities for many local organizations including Hudson Garden Club, Case Barlow Farm, Hudson League for Service, Taste of Hudson, and her neighborhood HOA. With a background in both public and corporate accounting, Julie provides the valuable understanding of meeting deadlines, attention to detail and most importantly – negotiation.

Personal Journey

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Moving isn’t easy and transition comes with its challenges. I have made moves both out of the state and out of the country, assisted my own children through the job related relocation process and most recently, transitioned my elderly parents from their home of 55 years. These personal experiences afford me the opportunity to provide trusted guidance and a true understanding of the home buying and selling process far beyond the offer and acceptance.

Hudson Journey

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Yearning to return to Northeast Ohio, I was captivated by Hudson’s picturesque downtown and proximity to family. I knew this would be the next place I would call home, but in a move orchestrated by design would my family agree?? Well 18 years later with 2 Hudson graduates and now my own parents safely relocated here, I can simply say ‘Yes’. And one thing I have learned, whether it’s Hudson or another area community, Northeast Ohio is just an exceptional place to call home. My siblings in Northern and Southern California remind me of that, but I already know!​

Favorite Things.jpg

Some of my favorite things about Northeast Ohio:

  • Taking in a Cleveland Indians game at Progressive Field. Spring, summer or fall the venue has so much to offer.

  • Blossom Music Center. Whether on the lawn or under the pavilion, simply an amazing place to take in a summer concert.

  • The Restaurant Scene. Regardless of your taste in food, there are so many delicious options to experience throughout the area. It’s easy to discover something new on a regular basis or just revisit a tried and true!

  • Playhouse Square. If you enjoy live theater, this is a real gem.

  • Cedar Point. A family favorite both as a child and with my own children. Looking forward to experiencing it again with my grandchildren!

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Words of Widsom

  1. When selling, your first mission: present a clean, clutter free home….and trust me, it’s never too early to start the process.

  2. When looking for a home, remain open minded, things don’t always work out as originally planned, but they always work out.

  3. Remember, whether you are a Buyer or Seller, taste is personal. Buyers look beyond to envision your ‘dream home’ and Sellers, modifications may be necessary to attract the current home buying market. Both sides may need to adjust expectations.

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