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  • Bronwyn Pierson

Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes: Transitions Can Be Rough

Moving is stressful.

Even if your house sold quickly and everyone is excited about the new place – it is still stressful to coordinate all the different aspects of a move.

What if you are moving to a smaller space? Or you are ready for a fresh start with new things? What to do with the furniture and household items that are no longer needed?

That is when Tom and Kenny from Transition Simplified come in to save the day.

A life change management firm designed to “mitigate the overwhelming challenges involved with life changes,” Tom and Kenny provide solutions for clients in the packing, liquidation and consignment of household goods.


Are you helping mom move from the large family home to maintenance free living?

Transition Simplified will take precise measurements and create floorplans for furniture placement in the new home. Space analysis will ensure that kitchen items chosen for the new home will fit in the cupboards – and will be packed and unpacked for the client during the move.

They will also:

  • Handle the sale of unnecessary furniture through online sales and auctions – including the appraisal for antiques or collectables.

  • Coordinate the donation of unsellable items designated by the client.

  • Set up the electronic systems in the new home.

What does this mean for Mom?

She is HAPPY.

Gone is the stress created by the details of moving. She will immediately be able to settle in to her new home without the challenge of unpacked boxes full of items that won’t fit in her new space. That is a great feeling.


Across town or across the country, Transition Simplified can help with the:

Packing of the home.

  • Storage of family items.

  • Furniture placement in new home.

  • Sale of unneeded furniture through online sales, online auctions and estate sales.

One less thing for you to worry about. Now you can throw your energy into picking the right paint color for the kitchen (an entirely different stress creator!) and figuring out how to program the new garage door to your car.

Contact Tom and Kenny to get your transition simplified:

Let the Compass Group NEO Guide You Home

The Compass Group NEO was formed by Bronwyn Pierson and Julie Kodatsky to provide a unique partnership of seasoned real estate professionals, dedicated to guiding future and current homeowners through the sales process with integrity, attention to service and professionalism.

Providing an unequalled experience for our clients throughout Northeast Ohio, The Compass Group NEO handles the details from staging to creative marketing and offering resources from financing to closing all with one goal in mind – the best experience as we move you in the right direction.

Call Bronwyn and Julie today and let them Guide You Home.

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